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    Roles and Structure



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    Roles and Structure

    Post  Twisted-Liquid on Tue Nov 02, 2010 1:25 pm

    Lead Programmer: Michael Parkin White (Michael PW)
    Co-Programmer: Andrew Hamilton (Orange451)
    Lead Artist: Ivan Murillo (Twisted-Liquid)
    Lead Composer: Mike Aych (Mike_Aych)

    Lead positions must take on the roles of co-positions in a case where the co-position has not been filled. co-positions are not rquired to be filled before development can begin.

    Lead Programmer :

    Maintain communication between party members. Control the tempo and flow of the project to meet deadlines. Make final decisions on concepts. Build a clean engine for the game where others could potentionally read clearly and modify as needed. Release updates with note descriptions of the latest revisions. Assign tasks to co-programmers, lead artist, and lead composer.

    Co-Programmer :

    Assisst the leading programmer with additional scripts that could be merged with the game engine with ease. Help maintain clearity of programming within the mainframe using well described scripts and notes. Maintain a workable layer system within the engine for proper graphics overlay. Maintain Music and Sound structure for ease of use.

    Lead Artist:

    Responsible for keeping the tempo for the art to be produced on time in an effecient manner to provide graphics for the programmers to work with and final images imbedded into the game. Develope a working layer system for the programmers to use within the mainframe. Introduce Innovative Visual Concepts. Complete all assigned tasks requested by the lead programmer. Assign tasks to co-artists. Provide technical help to assisting artists and approve images to meet quality standards. Create and Maintain a list of tasks to be completed. Report progress to lead programmer to maintain tempo and final approval.

    Co-Artist :

    Complete tasks assigned by the lead programmer in a timely manner. report progress on a weekly basis to lead artist unless excused otherwise. maintain quality standards. Maintain image organization within the file structure for ease of use. provide both working files and final renditions of work for other party memebers to make changes as needed and approved by the lead artist.

    Lead Composer :

    Develope music and sound effects requested by the lead programmer the will fit the games overall theme. Complete the tasks assigned in a timely manner to provide the programmer with the neccessary sounds to keep the project moving forward. music will be provided to quality standards and approved by the lead programmer. assign tasks to co-composers wether they are sound effects, or music pieces and oversee the entire score as a whole to assure composition relevance.

    Co-Composer :

    Assist the lead composer with any tasks given and complete tasks within the aloted time frame. provide original music and sound effects. research new innovative ideas for composition. provide source files to the lead composer for editing upon approval when necessary.

    Structure :

    All Members must report to the appropraite contact to avoid confusion in decision making process. All members may request inovative concepts to any portion of the game development be it music, graphics, gameplay, design, etc. but must be apporved by the lead programmer before any official work is assigned.

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    Michael pw

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    Re: Roles and Structure

    Post  Michael pw on Tue Nov 02, 2010 2:31 pm

    this is a very interesting post, btw orange is the co - programmer if you are happy with him being here, his name is Andrew Hamilton, he might prefer putting Drew in instead but im not 100% sure.

    I have a guy to do music for Roll2, i reckon he would be interested in joining in on this project however he will only work for pay. For reference, his name is Morgan King.

    Ill post up some of his work, it's very good, he also does SFX.

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