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    Preliminary Concept



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    Preliminary Concept

    Post  Twisted-Liquid on Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:06 pm

    In One Sentence:

    Swipe is a fast paced sidescrolling adventure, that enables the players quick reflexes and constant memory lapse, in order to complete each level in the fastest manner possible by using precise finger strokes to control the character through various obsticles against a racing screen.

    Story Outline:

    In a world of apocalypse you race against the the collapsing ruins behind you as you look for high grounds in hopes that the earth will find peace within itself and refrain from decimating all life that has brought it to its own destruction.

    Initial Platform:

    iphone HD / Windows

    Unique Selling Points:

    Addictive Gameplay
    Online Highscore System
    Easy Pick Up and Play Controls
    Over ## Levels
    Fantastic Music
    Amazing Visuals
    HD Resolution
    Play on the go!

    Game Mechanics:

    Played with the iphone touchscreen.
    Stroke Up - Jump
    Stroke Back - Slow Down
    Stroke Forward - Speed Up
    Stroke Down - Force Hyper Jump


    You are scored on time completion, attempts, and clearance.

    Time - This is the time it takes to get from one end of the stage to the other. You are penalized for every minute after the alloted time for each particular stage.

    Attempts - This is the amount of time you respawn after a crash and burn. although this does not affect your overall score at the end it restarts your clearance multiplier

    Clearance - This is where it counts the more obsticles you avoid the higher your score will be. maintain a flawless streak to increase your multiplier


    Increase your skills from speed boost, to power breaks, and even smash through obsticles.

    Stage Design:

    the player will navigate through craters and ruins in the foreground while mayhem of destructions leys in the background.

    Game Modes:

    Adventure - Standard Level progression
    Endurance - One Infinite Level that progressivly gets difficult.

    Visual and Adio Style:

    The art style throught the game will consist of a gloomy mechanical feel. where machines roamed the ruins of a once civilized world.

    The music will be designed to a gothic apocalyptic spiritual destrucion of the earth and depict your struggles to survive.

    File Limitations and Distribution:

    Final game must be less than 10 mb
    500 kb Programming
    3.5 Music and SFX
    3.5 Graphics

    iPhone HD:
    Screen Size - 960x640
    Main Character - 64x64

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    Michael pw

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    Re: Preliminary Concept

    Post  Michael pw on Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:20 pm

    Wow, that is one hell of a summary, perfectly the intention of the game Smile

    i love the scoring system idea!

    one thing that could be added is game modes and types.

    two me and Andrew have discussed are:

    - Standard, just the standard level progression.

    - Unlimited, scoring system like the previous but the track will go on forever, starting off easy, the ball will slowely increase in speed and the levels and objstacles will get progressively harder. until an optimum is reached which will be almost impossible to cope with. This mode will test a players reactions and skill to see how far through a player can get. this would be great for comparing scores with other players.

    - *(Multiplayer /pc only)* just an idea, a simple knockout, you choose a level (or a premade one from the editor / transfer will take place if your friend doesn't have an identical file.) first person to complete the level wins, they can vote on a level or have one randomly selected.

    -- *Online unlimited could be a possiblity however this would require a very default and unrandom code which would be identical for both playes so for example there couldn't be random elements which could occur in the single player. *

    These are just ideas, Me and Andrew have thought and discussed programming behind the first two. Multiplayer is a thought, but implementing could be a challeneg and based on whether yoyo come up with some way to use this with iphone, it'll have to stick to windows or if we are only releasing one version then we will have to do without. besides it could always be an update. so we would have time to think.

    Fast pace games seem to do well in todays community.

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