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    3 versions

    Post  Michael pw on Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:06 pm

    Well I spoke to Mike Daily (guy at YYG) and he said that scaling the view will look like poo so i was thinking we would need to release 3 versions or 2 at least.

    we will make it in 960*640 first and then adapt the other versions to look the same but with lower res.

    480*320 standard iphone, i will need you to smoothly scale down any graphics as Gm scaling looks like poo. As it doesn't Aliase.

    960*640 first version to release. the one the original file is based on.

    1024*768 Ipad version possibly? Exactly the same as the 960*640 version accept we increase the view size to 1024*768 instead of 960*640.

    Unless you want to just ignore the retina version and go straight with the low res. I reckon the ipad one will look really good as it can manage the highest level of detail.

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