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    Onscreen Interface

    Post  Twisted-Liquid on Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:43 pm

    I been meaning to talk about this for some time now but it keep s slipping away from me. We will have to start thinking about the gameplay interface. For onee thing i find the speedometer above the players head is way too distarcting i think a nice coloured power meter at the tope left of the screen would more a lot more appropriate. we also need a place for the bonus upgrades im thinking top right corner. I dont want a huge banner at the top or bottom of the screen instead we could have transparent icons that light up when activated or filled and no banner around them. also will we have a pause screen? and return to main menu from play feature? what are your thaughts?

    Michael pw

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    Re: Onscreen Interface

    Post  Michael pw on Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:58 pm

    yeh we can add a pause button Smile also the numbers above the dudes head are Debug. :/ me and orange put them there as the game was glitching around at the start.

    i reckon upgrades should appear as icons in the corner, small 32*32 ones for the high res versions of the game. i was thinking that we would only have powerups in the infinite run mode as they could make certain levels too easy idk.

    i know we definately need to have infinite run and while the gameplay might be good for the 20 levels, i just don't think that's enough if we were to charge anywhere between 59p to £1. people may complain Razz

    i was thinking for the hud, having a load of code style text and warning lights and stuff. also if you do too many speed boosts in a row, you start overheating. too hot and you explode

    Liquid nitrogen pickup allows you to boost without overheating.
    there will also be a speedometer.

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