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    Deadline Missed


    Michael pw

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    Deadline Missed

    Post  Michael pw on Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:36 pm

    sorry i have missed the deadline, i have no excuse as i have all the resources except the fact that my Pc is being increasingly annoying, It is failing internally and it no longer lives up to the capabilities i expect from it. Game Maker just opens a screen and a black window sits there for about 30 minutes, then i hear the game music and i can play. this is a huge set back as it stops me from being able to test the game. Hopefully i can rely on Andrew to fix some of the bugs.

    Btw, hopefully i will be getting a new Pc in the near future, that will probably double my work speed as i won't have to wait for it to load and put up with these annoying little freezes.

    The first two tutorial levels are done, i need to do the other 2 and get to work on a menu.

    Whoops, just noticed something, i had my equaliser changed to improve the quality of some music i was listening to, i don't know if it was coincidence but the second i clicked it, the game started...

    Anyway im getting to work on it now, the placing of tiles is annoyingly laggy but i should have it done within an hour.


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    Re: Deadline Missed

    Post  Twisted-Liquid on Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:26 pm

    Haha I dont know why the tiles are laggy it does that to me too. anyway dude no worries lets make sure the Demo is extremely clean before presenting it, otherwise we'll lose fans before we gather any. Lets wait until the menu is done and its 100% playable up to the end of the tutorial. We can actually release this portion for free so people can get a taste of it, but make sure only the first few levels exist in the demo version as hackers could get into locked levels very easy, so we must eleminate the possibility.

    Michael pw

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    Re: Deadline Missed

    Post  Michael pw on Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:36 pm

    lol whati like to throw in, is a text file that says demo=1 levels_unlocklimit=4 levelsinlocked=2

    Hackers would go OH YES! free full game, they change the values, the levels don't exists and i put in a cheeky easter egg Razz

    i think tiles lagg because at the start they render each picture in real time in editing whereas in the game it pastes it onto the background at the start of the level so it doesn't lag. i pretty much have it complete, however it could have some more detail Razz

    i think we should completely finish it before we start advertising because:

    1. Yoyo Store isn't live yet, (but it will be soon)

    EDIT: it is half open, 1 of the submit buttons is working but idk if it actually works. A form still comes up and all that Razz

    2. it's really easy to take out levels and if we have a completely glitch free version, it will be good to then edit that instead of having to edit 2 different files.
    Same goes for the different platform versions, we can scale it up/down once it is completely glitch free.

    what we will send off to yoyo will be a zip containing:

    - Swipe HD (ipad)
    - Swipe Retina (iphone/ipod touch 4g)
    - Swipe normal (ipod touch 3g and low res display)

    - Programming documentation
    - all those files you made about credits and assignments for the project.

    then i think we also need to send off all the sprites, the top quality ones incase they need to change anything.
    Basically a proffesional project layout will probably fast track us in the upload process.

    Mmm Orange juice drank from the carton Razz

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    Re: Deadline Missed

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